Covid-19 Safety Information | Chiropractor in Reading + Southampton

COVID-19 Safety Information for 1st Chiropractic Clinics in Reading & Southampton

We are pleased to announce that following a further shut down due to the onset of COVID-19 variants, 1st Chiropractic Clinics has re-opened and will now be open for face-to-face Chiropractic consultations and treatments.

Richard Gray BA, Solicitor, BSc, MSc, DC, Chiropractor has now been vaccinated against Covid-19.

At 1st Chiropractic Clinics our priority is our patient and staff wellbeing. The clinics will be operating in a different manner to that before the onset of COVID 19 to ensure as safe an environment as possible for all patients and staff.

Risk assessments have been completed and new protocols have been developed and PPE sourced so that we can keep you and our team as safe as possible. In order to do this, we have had to make some changes to the way the clinics will function during these times.

Clinic Protocols

Keeping everyone safe

We will only be offering face to face appointments for patients who

  • Do not have any symptoms of coronavirus
  • Have not cared for or been in close contact with someone suffering from coronavirus in the last 14 days prior to the proposed face to face encounter
  • Have not been abroad at any time within 14 days of the proposed face to face encounter

We have had to meet strict criteria in order to return to work. These criteria all follow government guidance and include monitoring ourselves for any symptoms. We avoid public transport to and from work and otherwise where possible and check our temperatures prior to entering the clinics every day.

Virtual Consultations

Despite all the measures we have put in place to minimise the risk of COVID-19, currently the only totally risk free way of ‘seeing’ patients is through ‘virtual’ consultations. As yet we have not offered virtual consultations but will consider doing so in appropriate cases. Call us on 0118 969 2649 (Reading clinic) or 07881 735764 (Southampton clinic) to book a Virtual Consultation.

Making a face to face appointment

If you wish to have a face to face appointment you will need to meet the criteria for an appointment as defined by Public Health England and the British Chiropractic Association before you can be offered an appointment.

When you call to make an appointment we will ask you a series of questions to assess whether a face to face consultation is possible.

If a face to face appointment is indicated this will be booked for you for as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, there will still be categories of patients to whom we will be unable to offer a face to face appointment at this time. These categories are being regularly reviewed in line with the latest advice from the government and the professional associations.

If you are unable to attend the clinic because the criteria for a face to face consultation are not met then we will offer you a Virtual Consultation.

Your appointment

Please arrive at the clinic just a few minutes before your appointment time. If you arrive earlier, please wait in your car or outside.

Leave any unnecessary bags, coats etc in your car.

We kindly request that only the patient enters the clinic, (unless the patient is a child where a parent or guardian’s attendance is required or the patient otherwise requires assistance).

When you arrive at the clinic please phone us and wait in the porch or outside the building as appropriate. On entry your temperature will be taken with a non-contact infrared thermometer. You will then be provided with hand sanitiser, and a surgical mask & disposable gloves to wear before entering the clinic.

You will be taken directly to a treatment room so that there is no or minimal contact with anyone else.

Your Chiropractor will also be wearing PPE consisting of a disposable apron, disposable gloves, surgical mask and a face visor and following strict hygiene procedures.

Social distancing and reduced footfall

You will be escorted directly to a treatment room when you arrive so that there is no or minimal contact with any other patients in the clinic.

After your treatment you can pay using a debit or credit card (preferably contactless) so that you spend the shortest time possible engaged in that activity

Increased hygiene control

Appointments with our chiropractor are being arranged in such a manner as to allow sufficient time for the treatment room to be fully cleaned between patients.

We will not be taking cash payments during this time. You can pay using a debit or credit card (preferably contactless) or by bank transfer.

You will notice that some items and furnishings have been removed from the reception areas and treatments rooms to help maintain a higher level of hygiene during this time.

There is an enhanced cleaning and hygiene protocol in place for the clinic. Rigorous hygiene procedures will be followed

We look forward to seeing you.

Richard Gray, 1st Chiropractic Clinics.